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MSOM Curriculum Map

MSOM Curriculum Map
DAIM Curriculum Map

DAIM Curriculum Map
Class Offerings 2020-2023

Class Offerings 2020-2023
Pre-Requisites for Clinic & Comp Exams

Prerequisites for Clinic & Comp Exams
Clinic & Comp Prereqs: Year 1 Mapped

Clinic and Comp Pre-reqs: Year 1 Mapped
Clinic & Comp Prerequisites: Year 2 Mapped

Clinic and Comp Pre-reqs: Year 2 Mapped
Pre-Requisites for DAIM-only Courses

Prerequisites for DAIM-Only Courses
Graduation & Licensure Roadmap


"One of my favorite things about AIMC is the sense of community. We come together to support each other through challenges. Instead of a sense of competitiveness between students, there is a caring community that lifts everybody up. The faculty and staff are approachable and provide wonderful support during your graduate journey."

- Master’s Student
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